The Video Tasting

Nowadays there is a new and important tool to promote every single label: the virtual video tasting.
A video is a good medium to  explain and spread the organoleptic features of a wine.
The video-tasting is recorded in a studio, and in post-production it is possible to add the background chosen with the client: in that way the background will allow you to virtually be in any place of your farm.
Usually the oenologist wh has created that wine is the main character of the video-tasting, or, otherwise, someone who knows professionally the wine features.
Then the video-tasting can be exploited in several ways:
– on social-networks;
– for sale networs;
– on your own web site.
Like any other video we make, it is possibile record in several languages, according to the client’s needs, and add subtitles in other languages.