How the idea was born

This project was born out of the marriage between a passion for digital storytelling and experience in the wine sector.

The experiece comes from working for more than 10 years in the wine sector as packaging multifirm agent for products as corks, seals, labels, bottle boxes, in a word the

Long before has come the passion as video maker for short movies, in the fashion sector and then also for company movies.

The iidea to combine these two things was born by visiting wine productors, seeing their internet sites. And gradually I have realised the majority of wine companies never talk about their products in their company videos. Then I’ve started thinking about people choose a wine. Personally, if I want to try something new, it’s the label that makes me chosing that specific wine (and the price too!): if the label succeeds in drawing customers’ attention has already done half of its duty.

Certainly company sites, brochures and company documentation have technical information sheets explaining the main features of each wine. But what’s about the label? And here comes the idea to tell a wine by its label. And there’s no more powerful tool than images to tell something, is it?

Here were born the video to introducte a wine, talking about all the production processes that wine requires, stressing the label, vineyards, harves, fermentation, ageeing, wine, all this with a short introduction by the oenologist that wine has created.

Shortly, a label in a video, but enriched with more informations, because all the company is in it: eventually it will be a real company and technical video, lasting maximum 2 minutes, which can be used either in advertising campaignes, either in social marketing campaignes, either on websites or just to send to possibile importers.

Unfortunately the first video were made in springtime, when it was not possibile to shooting important wine phases, such as the harvest.